A Guide to Enjoying a Classic Gaming Combo with iPad Pachinko

When it comes to games, as with most things in life, some are instantly forgettable, while others become instant classics. Two modern classics that seem to be embedded in our collective unconscious and in popular culture around the world are slot machines and pinball machines.

iPad pachinko, based on a hugely popular Japanese game, brings together these two iconic games. Instead of spinning reels, players shoot a ball into a game board marked with obstacles.

Spinning the reels depends on which part of the game board the ball enters.

This thrilling game can be played for free, or with real money for winning opportunities, at top quality mobile casinos, using download or no download playing options.

Secure Real Money iPad Pachinko

Players can enjoy opportunities to win huge jackpots when they play iPad pachinko at top mobile casinos.

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An Introduction to iPad Pachinko

One of the first things players will notice about iPad pachinko at top mobile casinos is that it features two areas where the gaming action takes place.

These areas are the game board, marked with obstacles and gadgets, and the reels. Many versions of the game place the reels in the centre of the board. Basic game play sees the player shoot a small ball up the left side of, and into, the vertical game board. In land-based versions of the game, the board is marked with objects such as nails and pins.

The player’s goal is to control the force of the ball so that it makes its way into a pocket that will trigger reel spins for extra balls or amazing wins. This is made all the more tricky by the fact that not all pockets trigger the reels. Some trigger other features, while others swallow the ball and end the round. The player’s first move, when playing iPad pachinko with real money or for free, is to place an opening bet using the bet button.

The player can then shoot the ball into the game board by swiping the launch lever from top to bottom and then releasing it. The velocity of the ball is determined by how far down the player swipes the lever.

As the ball makes its way to the bottom of the board, it may enter a Wing and trigger one or more wings to open.

iPad Pachinko Playing Options

Players who want fast and easy access to iPad pachinko when at home or on the move should play the no download Flash versions of the games in browser. These games can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night, as long as players have an active internet connection.

Players also have the recommended option of downloading apps for iOS devices at top online and mobile casinos. The apps offer a fuller playing experience, with more games and additional features.