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A constellation of beaming, colourful jewel-like spinning shapes are suspended in deep, dark outer space, in the online casino game, Flux.  These mesmerizing yellow, red, green, blue, orange, pink and purple gems and two symbols, namely the B and W symbols, move downwards, much like other classic online slots games.  When winning a line, the shapes illuminate and light up the screen, almost as if they are on fire!  The game is set to eerie, sci-fi background music reminiscent of the music behind the eighties and early nineties space arcade games we enjoyed as children.

Going for a Spin

Flux is a customary five reel, three row video slot game with fifteen pay lines, similar to the slot machines which became popular in Las Vegas all those years ago. As with all the incomparable games developed by the creator, Flux offers no download for you.  All that is necessary to play is a little push of a button, which starts the reels rolling. It also has an auto play option, which is a free-acting feature, that can be set to spin the reels up to five thousand times for you, should you want it to or need it to.  Majority of the connected casinos offer the option to play for free, before trying your hand at the one thousand coins Jackpot for actual money!  Of course, Flux has more to offer than spellbinding graphics and unearthly music.  It has several characteristics, which are beneficial to the player too…

Best Symbols in the Galaxy

As in many pokies at online casinos at, there are bonus symbols, bonus games, free spin options and stacked wilds.  All of which open up the possibility for some magnificent wins! The golden-yellow, hexagon shape containing a W is a wild symbol that can replace any other shape, apart from the silver square shape, in a potential winning line.  This fluorescent silver, square shape encloses a B and is a bonus symbol.  If you happen to stumble across more than two of these silver B shapes anywhere on the screen, during one round, you activate the free spins option.  A player’s main goal, when playing Flux, is to gain access to the free spins option and to get as many stacked wild symbols as possible, as these are where their colossal fortunes lie…

Out of this World Free Spins Option

You are spoiled for choice once this option becomes available, as you get three options from which to choose.  Firstly, you can decide whether you want an extra three rows, in addition to the free spins, strengthening your odds of winning.  Secondly, you can stand a chance of winning 48 free spins, with your pay lines winning in both directions, doubling your pay out.  Thirdly, the last option is a combination deal and gives you the opportunity to win the extra three rows as well as the possibility of winning in both directions.  When deciding which free spin option to choose, it is wise to consider the second and third options, as these will give you the greatest rewards.  If that wasn’t enough, you can receive another free spin if any more bonus symbols pop up on the screen in this time!