Reviewing Majestic Forest Online Slot

The Novomatic slot title Majestic Forest has a number of features which are worth looking at, particularly if you are trying to discover a new slot game to try your luck with. The developers have made the slot quite easy for new players to figure out, and you can actually choose from one of the five preset betting amounts that are suggested on the game play interface. These betting amounts are for 10, 20, 50 100, and then finally for 200 coins. All that players of Majestic Forest need to do is pick one of these amounts, press the Spin button, and the game reels will start turning.

One of the features that are fairly common amongst Novomatic slot titles is the Autoplay feature. In Majestic Forest, you can choose to use this feature at any time, or to turn it off whenever you want. Basically, this button allows the game to continue playing, and the reels to keep spinning, even if your attention is diverted onto something else. This is all down to you whether you decide to use it, but it can be useful at times when playing the Majestic Forest slot.

Basics of Majestic Forest Slot

Here are some of the basic features to the Majestic Forest slot game. There are 5 game reels on offer, which is fairly typical of many of the Novomatic games. With a maximum of 10 paylines that can be activated, the game remains fairly simple, while still offering the broad range of winning opportunities. You must bet 1 coin per line, but it is possible to stake up to 20 coins per single payline. This is not a progressive jackpot type of slot, but Majestic Forest does offer the opportunity to win a main prize of a set value.

Like various internet based casino slots at, the Majestic Forest slot has a gamble feature. This gamble button can be used whenever you win off a single spin of the wheels, as long as the win is less than 1,750. By pressing the gamble button in Majestic Forest, you have the opportunity of doubling your winnings. However with this risk, you do have the chance of losing those winnings if you guess incorrectly. So players must always decide whether they feel they are up to taking the gamble. All you need to do is correctly guess the colour of the facedown playing card. It sounds easy, but if you choose the wrong colour, then unfortunately those winnings will be lost.

Majestic Forest Winning Combinations

There are a number of game symbols in the Majestic Forest slot. Creating combinations of these icons, or matching up the same symbols, will create winning opportunities for you. The fox and the stag symbol offers players a win of 3,750 if you are able to line up 5 of these symbols in a row. The grey wolf symbol can reward you with 10,000 if you can land 5 of them, and then the magical stone can get you 12,500. The best winnings come from landing the grizzly bear symbol. So keep an eye out for these, and hope to see it on the game reels as much as is possible.