Some Tips for Punters of Horse Racing Betting

Horse racing is widely considered the oldest form of sports betting on the planet. Sports betting enthusiasts from New Zealand will already know that horse racing in New Zealand is arguably the most popular sports wagering activity in the country.

Kiwis are presented with a host of various horse betting options and platforms to make use of. With some of the most prestigious thoroughbred championships held in New Zealand, kiwis are spoilt for choice with the rich dynamism that exists within horse racing betting culture in New Zealand.

Betting platforms such as TAB outlets governed through the New Zealand Racing Board provide punters with fixed and pari-mutuel odds on horses, while online sports betting websites allow for a varied and mixed approach, with a diverse selection of compelling betting types and markets.

Acquire the Experience

New punters from New Zealand seeking thrilling horse racing betting options that are valuable need to first start acquiring experience within the horseracing realm, before attempting to understand a horses potential value and life span. New punters from New Zealand opting for horse racing betting options should consider gaining experience in the field, before attempting to lay wagers on the sport.

Horseracing can be confusing to the untrained eye at first glance, laying wagers on fantasy bets and practice play rounds will ensure a bridging birth into the sports betting domain of horse-racing and will provide new punters with a better understanding of what to look out for in horse racing competitions.

Kiwis in quest of the best horses on race day need to stay committed to developing a solid strategy for assessing potential winners on race day. The following information will help new punters from New Zealand develop a keen understanding of strong thoroughbred runners.

Sourcing the Best Odds

Understanding thoroughbred pedigree and the nature of horse racing on a holistic scale is the first step to seeking great value and potential in any horseracing bet. Like many players of real money blackjack Australia researching deeply, punters from New Zealand opting for horseracing betting should consider the odds with varied approaches to the horse and jockey.

Horses recently beaten may yield more favourable odds as these horses may comeback stronger it is wise to bet on these horses if they have shown dominance in past performances.

Study the jockey and his relationship with the horse and previous horses he may have ridden. Even though the race is largely down to the horse, the jockey still needs to keep the horse in check and steer the thoroughbred home.

More than anything a horses true potential lies in its ability to perform under pressure and consistently. A horse that has done well in the past is sure to do well again. Keep an eye open for strong runners at more favourable odds as they can stage a comeback at any point.

Rested and Wiling Horses

Punters in quest of winning horses should consider the horse’s layoff time. Horses with a break between thirty and sixty days are considered well rested. Any horse that exceeds a ninety-day layoff period may tighten up and this could prevent the racehorse from reaching its full potential on race day.

Kiwis in quest of a horse with the greatest potential should also consider the amounts of times the horse has started. A horse that has started or raced far too often can become tired and unwilling to perform. This remains true for the majority of horses, however any horse peaking may thrive from numerous starts.

Assessing the Horse Pre-race

New punters opting for horse racing betting options should assess the horse before the race. Straight tell tale signs to look out for when assessing a horses ability to win races is the speed and agility the horse displays in all training.

If the horse displays speed and agility in the workouts it is a clear sign that the horse has he fitness and ability to claim victory on the day. This factor is not only true for workouts but previous races too. As mentioned earlier the best horses display consistent running. Any horse that has set swift times in earlier races has the potential to stay consistent, if not improve upon the run.