A Quick Look at Bocce for Online Bettors

The family of boules games has created some of the most diverse sets of bowling games across the world. Boules are games that exclusively involve using balls of different shapes and sizes, where people compete against each other using the rules of whatever type of boules game they are playing.

Of the many types available, Bocce has become a favourite among many, both for players and potential bettors. This is because bocce is surprisingly more competitive than many would imagine, making the betting scene for the game a good place for both new and experienced bettors.

The Rules of Bocce

The game is generally played on flat ground, either natural soil or asphalt, and while court sizes may vary from place to place, the generally accepted sizes are between 2.5 and 4 meters wide, and 27 meters long. The balls used in the game are either made out of metal or plastic, but players that compete against each other will use the same type of material to eliminate the chance of one player gaining an advantage over another. One match of Bocce is played either between two individuals, or teams of three to four. One side will be chosen at random to begin the match, at which point the player will throw a ball known as a jack across the court.

Once the jack has landed in one of the playing zones, the teams will take turns at rolling their balls as close to the jack as is possible. Points are awarded on the proximity of the balls to the jack, with more points if the ball is closer. Players are only allowed to throw their balls underarm, and use this opportunity to either move an opponent’s ball out the way, change the position of the jack, or to try and get as close to the jack as possible.

Where Bocce is Found

Although everyone is able to bet on bocce games thanks to the online betting industry, there are some countries where the game is far more popular.

Croatia, Montenegro, Herzegovina and Bosnia are considered the bocce capitals of the world, and this is where bettors will find the most games taking place, as well as the different bocce tournaments. Bocce is played elsewhere, such as northern Europe and some parts of the United Kingdom, but it tends to be popular among a small audience.

Betting on Bocce

Like many other boules games, bocce has made its way on to the betting scene, and has gained quite a fair amount of popularity online.

Online bookmaker sites now offer bocce as a betting choice in their roster, and countries that have the sport will host live games for bookmakers to keep track of. Bettors can wager on individuals or teams, and there is even the odd bocce tournament. Bocce, in general, is a niche game, and therefore does not have the widest coverage in terms of betting, but this can also mean bettors can learn the game and make bets independently without the need of a bookmaker.