An Introduction to Playing Caribbean Stud Online Poker

Caribbean stud poker is a casino card game variation that is very similar to classic 5-card stud poker. The game is believed to have originated during the 1980’s, when David Sklansky created his own card game and made it popular on cruise ships that were travelling around Aruba. Sklansky’s invention is now an addition to the floors of many casinos worldwide, and Caribbean stud poker is also available online and via mobile in free and real money games.

Although Caribbean stud poker is similar to 5-card poker, there are a few differences to note. Most notably, players play the game against the dealer instead of fellow players, changing the game’s dynamic and negating the need for bluffing.

Online Caribbean Stud Poker Games

Caribbean stud poker is available at many land-based casinos, but virtual games have also been created specifically for online players. A number of online casinos offer Caribbean stud poker games, each with unique features such as 3D animations or diverse themes. Players can play these online games in either downloadable formats or securely straight from their browsers, and many Caribbean stud poker games online are available both as real money and free games.

How to Play

The game begins with players of the game placing their ante wagers, and also an additional progressive jackpot wager, which is optional. Once the ante bets have been placed, the dealer of the game will deal each player a total of 5 cards, which will be facing down. The dealer will also get 5 cards, but one of his will be upturned. Once the cards have been dealt, players can turn over their hand and choose to play or fold as they see fit. If players choose to play the game, they must raise their bets to double the ante.

The dealer will then reveal his 4 hole cards to the party. In order to qualify, the dealer must hold a winning poker hand of Ace-King or better. If any player has a better poker hand, they will win the game, and will be awarded a payout according to the poker hand they hold.

Winning Hands

The winning hands in Caribbean stud poker are the same as in standard 5-card poker, and include hand combinations of the Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Three of a Kind, Pair and Two Pair.

Progressive Jackpot Payout

The Caribbean stud poker progressive jackpot can only be won by players who placed a progressive jackpot wager at the start of the game. Any player who holds a hand of a Flush or better will win an additional payout. The hands that qualify for the progressive jackpot payout include a Full House, Four of a Kind, Flush, Straight Flush and Royal Flush.

Mobile Games

There are a number of mobile casinos that also offer Caribbean stud poker. Mobile casinos too offer real money games and free game variations that have been designed for compatibility with a number of mobile phone and tablet brands.

Secure Online Transactions

For players of real money games, all online transactions with certified online casinos are protected by encryption technology and secure firewalls to prevent their personal information being compromised. Players may also be awarded bonus offers and promotions such as welcome and deposit bonuses when signing up to play real money Caribbean stud poker at online casinos.