Marilyn’s Diamonds Online Slot Summarized

The Marilyn’s Diamonds online slot from Novomatic features many of the standard game play features that players have come to expect from this gaming developer. The Marilyn’s Diamonds slot offers 5 game reels, but it does offer the full 243 win lines. Experienced players will no doubt be aware of what is required in order to activate all of these 243 paylines.

For new players, the key is to refer to the paytable that comes along with the game. This will give you information on what is needed to trigger all of these paylines, and importantly, what is needed for you to be eligible to win the main jackpot. If you are trying to win the main prize, remember that you will typically need to bet the maximum number of coins at their highest value.

When trying to win at Marilyn’s Diamonds slot, players should think carefully about the type of playing and betting strategy they are using. Of course you can go all out and go for the main jackpot win. But the other option is to go for smaller wins, and to slowly accumulate your winnings. The Marilyn’s Diamonds online slot is suited to players on various budgets, with a minimum bet of 0.50, but a maximum bet of 100.

Features of Marilyn’s Diamonds Slot

Marilyn’s Diamonds does offer a main jackpot prize of 100 000 credits. But there are some other features to this game, which might interest many players. The slot does offer a wild symbol, and in this case it is the Marilyn Monroe wild icon. The wild functions in much the same way as players are used to. Wilds of course have the big benefit of potentially creating new combinations. These combinations might not result in anything, but they can also from time to time create a whole range of new winning combinations. As such, there is really never a bad time to land a wild.

The other symbol to look out for in the Marilyn’s Diamonds online slot game is the scatter symbol. In this case, it is a brightly decorated game symbol. Scatter symbols also work in the same way that they do in other Novomatic slots, and are also aimed at providing new winning opportunities to all players. If you are a new player, you don’t have to worry too much about exactly how these work, because the game will do everything for you, and you will receive your winnings if you do land winning combinations.

Marilyn’s Diamonds Gamble Button

There aren’t too many other features in the Marilyn’s Diamonds slot like in some iPhone casino slots at There is one that might be of interest to some players, but others might ignore it completely. The gamble button allows players the chance to risk their last win, with the hope of doubling that win. With a 50% chance of winning, but also a 50% chance of losing, it really all depends on whether you are willing to take the risk. Players are not forced to use this feature, but can do so at any time and if they want to. It is all down to whether you feel like taking a gamble.