Punto Banco Odds and Strategy Explained

Casino Gambling - Punto Banco

In the world of casino games, online and land-based casino card games are usually reserved for players who want to test their skills. As opposed to slots, card games require a great deal of concentration and strategy in order to come out ahead. Baccarat is certainly one game where knowing the odds and having a strategy is beneficial. The dynamic nature of the game is perfectly suited for players with a cool head and sticking to a winning strategy. The most popular type of baccarat played online and in land based casinos is Punto Banco. In the notes below, we are going to look at Punto banco odds and strategy when playing online and live.

The Three Main Baccarat Bets

For anyone who has not played baccarat, the game may seem a bit confusing with a lot of strange bets. The truth is that the betting in baccarat is actually quite simple. In Punto banco, there are basically only three bets that can be played in any round. In order to understand the Punto banco odds and strategy, the first step is knowing the bets. The aim is to try and get the highest number of points with the cards that you have been dealt. In Punto banco, the game is played against the dealer similar to blackjack. However in baccarat payers do not necessarily have to bet on themselves.

Casino Baccarat Bets

Punto Banco Odds

The three main bets in baccarat are the player bet, the dealer bet and the tie bet. If players bet on themselves the approximate odds of winning are 5/4. The payout for a player bet is 100% of the stake. Dealer bets are slightly different. The Punto banco odds and strategy suggest that the banker bets are more favourable with approximate odds of 6/5. Banker wins payout 95% of the stake. The lowest odds in the game is a tie. The approximate odds of a tie is 9/1. With the lowest odds, a tie bet pays out 8x the stake.

Strategies for New Players

When a player knows all the types of bets and the odds of each bets, the Punto banco odds and strategy becomes a lot clearer. There are a number of ways players can reduce the house edge in Punto banco. If you are new to the game, the best way to get started is to play online for free and hone your skills before playing live or for real money like accessing online pokies for real money. The golden rule for new players is never bet on a tie. As this is the bet with the worst odds, the chances of winning a tie bet are so extreme it is not worth looking at for any new player.

Reducing the House Edge

The Punto banco odds and strategy suggest that although the banker takes a cut, the best bet to place is a banker bet. The house edge in baccarat is one of the lowest of any casino card game. Players should also start out betting small until they get a handle on how the game is played and how the bets are paid out. One of the universal casino strategies that can certainly be used in baccarat is quit while you are ahead. Because the game is largely based on chance, being ahead is not always guaranteed. Players should always know when to leave the table.